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About Istanbul

The old walled city of Istanbul stands on a triangular peninsula between Europe and Asia. Sometimes as a bridge, sometimes as a barrier, Istanbul for more than 2,500 years has stood between conflicting surges of religion, culture, and imperial power. For most of those years it was one of the most coveted cities in the world
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The Art City is a family-run hotel in Istanbul’s…
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Located in Fatih district of Istanbul, this hotel features…
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This special class category hotel has a classical Turkish…
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4 star Golden Horn Hotel is totally renovated in…
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Hotel Grand Mark is in the Fatih district of…
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Just off Ataturk Boulevard and 200 m from Pertevniyal…

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Make It Worthwhile

Plan an escape
Vacation at the idyllic island of Buyukada, where there are no cars allowed. Runaway into the past on horse carriages and bicycles while eating ice cream from street-side vendors.
Lose yourself in the spirit of dance
Watch the dance of the Whirling Dervishes and lose yourself in the spirit of Rumi’s quest for the self
Hagia Sophia and her beauty
The Hagia Sophia was an engineering marvel of its time and remains one of the world’s most visited museums due to its unique, breathtaking architecture.

Why Istanbul?

Istanbul is gorgeous, with its assortment of mosques and their colorful tile work and dramatic architecture. Istanbul is charming; we met so many welcoming, friendly people here. And finally, Istanbul is home to the Hagia Sophia, an amazing architectural feat and one of the Wonders of the World. Walk across Sultan ahmet Square to the Blue Mosque. Built in 1616, the Blue Mosque is famous for the intricate blue tile work the covers the interior of the building. It is free to enter, and if you have never been inside of a mosque before, this is a good one to start with. With its kaleidoscope of colorful lanterns, its friendly people, and its maze of hallways, the Grand Bazaar is a joy to explore.