Holidacious is your one-stop to design your holiday with your desired location as well as there are pre-designed deals and packages available. Holidacious can help you get the best getaway anywhere around the globe.

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Cultural Holidays

Diving in Diversity

If you’re looking for some really specific cultural holidays that you want to be a part of, we’ve got all the deals for you. From being a part of the biggest New Year’s celebrations in Brazil, or to be back home for Christmas or Eid or Hanukkah, we’ve got the right vacation packages for you to celebrate the meaningfulness and festivity of the holiday season with Holidacious!
Bed & Breakfast
Located in Alexandria city center, Alexander The Great Hotel…
All Inclusive
Located in Ras Umm Elsid in Sharm El Sheikh,…
Bed & Breakfast
Situated in the heart of Cairo, this hotel offers…
Bed & Breakfast
Located 200 m from Alexandria’s waterfront on the Mediterranean…
All Inclusive
Situated in Marrakech, 8 km from Bahia Palace, Club…
Bed & Breakfast
This luxury resort is 2 km from the Pyramids…

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Cultural Vacations All Over The World!

No matter where in the world you are looking to go to for a spiritual retreat or the love of art and history, we’ve got all the right cultural vacation choices for you. How about a trip to history? Mighty temples and savage pyramids. Or perhapds a dip in golden luxury? This world harbours flourescent waters and deserts that sing! Your next vacation looks so interesting in our imagination that we can’t wait for you to experience it. Give yourself the perfect opportunity to witness the Timitar festival in Morocco, the Pyramids of Giza at Egypt or a ceremony of the mystic Whirling Dervishes and learn Mevlana’s thought in Turkey.

Why Choose Cultural Holidays?

There’s nothing in the world like getting to witness cultures around the world. Every nook and corner around the world is unique in the way that its culture and activities live and thrive. So go around and see what every corner in the world has to offer! All it takes is a sound plan and Holidacious takes care of it for you. Fly away to beautiful historical cities, embrace new cultures and ways of life, and see amazing ancient ruins – cultural holidays can transport you in time and in mind. Cultural holidays are a great way to explore new destinations and find out how the locals live day to day.